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2 Services to choose from:


      1)  Self Service - Provide us with a photo and YOU choose the selections a virtual staging configuration for each photo being virtually staged.

      2)  Virtual Stager - Provide us with a photo and we will select the appropriate furniture for the room.         


                                                  Self Service            Virtual Stager

      (1) Angle Per Room                    $35                          $50




 Virtual Cleanout  

 Virtually remove unwanted items  $80 PER ROOM




Virtual Reconfiguration -

 Redesign of existing room    $350 - $600 PER ROOM         (Please call to receive quote)


    Printing Services (have your virtually staged room printed on FOAM CORE)


                       Print size                     Cost*

                         18 x 24                      $31.50

                         24 x 36                      $63.00

                         30 x 42                      $91.88




*plus  Sales Tax and delivery

Select symbol to view sample cleanout

 Select symbol to view sample print

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