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Shorten sales cycles with virtual staging

Chapter 1 -Since the mid nineties I have been involved with furniture, lay out and placement . My experience for over 15 years had been with IS Furniture Rental , Cort Furniture Rental and then Churchill for 11 years. I worked directly with corporate transferees relocating their families into vacant homes, furniture and accessories for models for property management companies, models for builders , as well as rental furniture for realtors and their sellers with vacant homes.

Chapter 2 -As time went by staging became a household word and the whole staging profession had evolved. Working hand in hand with individual stagers was an easy transition for me .They appreciated my knowledge and experience when staging rooms in homes to sell. I was doing staging before there was a word for it.

Chapter 3 - Five years ago I joined Virtual Access Tours as Director of Virtual Staging for Virtual Staging International. My years of renting furniture and furniture placement background made the process effortless. All we needed were the photos and away we go..... It was clean, easy , no liability and very cost effective !!!!!

Chapter 4 - Since virtual staging was new to the real estate community we had to do some hard selling to convince realtors and their sellers to invest in this innovative service. Our company, Virtual Staging International , an offshoot of Virtual Access Tours has mastered this creative program and currently much more widely accepted. We now have successfully virtually staged hundreds of rooms throughout the tri-state area, the country and the world.

UPDATE : Our company has been selected as the virtual staging company for one of the major real estate companies in NJ .

Why is VSI so successful ?

Each of your rooms are important to us. If the rooms are dark- we complement them with light furniture. If the rooms are small we make sure to not crowd it with lots of furniture. We play up focal points like fireplaces and beautiful windows. We take pride in our work and want your homes looking the very best that they can. We don't just plop down furniture with no vision or design sense like some other companies claiming to be in the virtual staging business.

We consider your prospective buyer and want to evoke emotion when they see the virtually staged rooms. We want the woman of the home to envision herself hosting friends and family for the holidays. We want the family to get excited about sitting around the fireplace on a cold winter's night or the kids looking forward to playing in their game room or basement.

Our virtual staging vision statement is " Our well thought out virtual staging get buyers through the door so the home can be sold faster and for the best price." That's the virtual staging company you want to choose and/or recommend .

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